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Hey Everyone!

It’s been extra quite on here and I apologise for the silence. I am just over here minding the business that pays me lol.

What have I been up to you ask? Well, I’ve been learning new skills, improving on my hobbies, that type of thing 😊.

I recently launched my hair and body products that I’ve been working on for years. I kept postponing the launch date because I wasn’t sure anyone would like them, let alone buy them. But guess what ? Some people did and the reviews have been great, so that motivated me to launch them on July 17th and I made my first sale on my Etsy shop that same day 💃🏾💃🏾.

Here are some people of the products:

Whipped Hair Butter

DDeeCreations whipped hair butter

Body Butters

Chamomile Body Butter
Hibiscus Body Butter
1st February 2021
8th February 2021 ( A week later)
19 th March 2021
12th July 2021
14 August 2020
29th September 2020
17th October 2020
8th February 2021
Pre-poo Oil

There you have it! If you are interested in supporting my small business by purchasing my products, you can do so via my Etsy shop:

I also have bonnets, head wraps, caps/durags, woollen hats, scarves and head bands in my shop. Check it out 😊

Thank you very much for stopping by.

Stay safe!

DD xxxx


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