I am really struggling

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I don’t know about you guys but I am finding it very difficult to find motivation to write or to create content. I can honestly say that I have time but I can’t just seem to gather my thoughts together to do something or the motivation, hence the inconsistency in posting.

Sometimes I have ideas of what I want to write on but to just get myself to sit down and do it, is hard.

Half the time I find myself doing absolutely nothing constructive all day and when the day passes, I beat myself about it for wasting a day.

This year has just been very heavy for me. First, with being very ill will Covid-19 symptoms early March, then other health issues came up and since then, it’s just been one thing after the other and I feel like I’ve trying to keep my head above the water but the current is too strong.

I really hope and pray that a vaccine for Covid-19 is discovered because I miss hugging my friends and family and just socializing. We can’t continue to live like this for goodness sake!

Anyway, after the storm, comes the rainbow, right? This too shall pass! Just know you aren’t alone!

Stay blessed and stay safe!

Dee xxx

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