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Dear All,

I am apologise for my inconsistency in posting. I don’t know about you but since Covid-19 came, I’ve been finding it very difficult to find motivation to do anything, I’ve become somewhat lazy. I have so many posts in draft but I just can’t update and post for some reason.

Anywho, today I would like to share one of the things I learnt during my quarantine and lock down days.

Like everyone else, when most of the countries went into lock down we had to find creative ways of spending our time and one of the things I learnt to do, is how to make a DIY mask.

In the beginning of my quarantine, I went to the pharmacy to buy a mask, when we were obliged to wear one in public place, I bought a reusable one for almost €10 and I really felt that and when came back home, I asked a friend who knows how to sew to make me one. I was willing to pay for it but unfortunately, she told me she wasn’t sending outside the US, then I said to myself, I don’t have a sewing machine and I don’t know how to use one but I know how to use a needle and thread, so I went on YouTube and looked for tutorials on how to make DIY masks using thread and needle and I stumbled on a video where the lady made a mask out of a sleeve of an old T-Shirt and no sewing was needed.

I went ahead and tried it and it came out really well. Then I also checked out videos on how to sew one by hand, no sewing machine needed and I could print out the patterns but the problem was, I run out of ink on my printer, so I used a coffee filter as my pattern and it turned out really well and I was so proud of my self. Then I also checked on YouTube for other options and I found out that I could also use a dinner plate as my template, tried it out and it even came out better than the one made using a coffee filter.

Below are the YouTube videos of how I made the masks:

I hope you find these videos helpful to motivate you to make yourself some. No excuses for not wearing a mask.

Please mask up to protect yourself and others when you are in public and better yet, stay home if you don’t have to be outside.

Stay safe & stay blessed!

DD xxx

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