Daily Prompt Word – Devotion

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Every year, I choose a devotional for the year. Last year I did I a quiet time study (You can check it out in this blog post) through the New Testament and part of Psalms, which is for 365 days but it took me longer because some days the study was longer and required to do it in two parts and there were also some days when I skipped a study for some reason.

This year I am using a HAVING A HEART FOR GOD devotional, which is also for 365 days but the only difference is that this one in based on the months, January through December and the books of the bible are chosen randomly, they aren’t in any chronological order.

I love it because it’s really short and easy to do which gives me more time for reflection and prayer.

Each day, there’s a bible verse, a short summary of the verse of the day, a brief  ‘take away’ thought, a one minute reflection and a quote at the end of the study.

My Devotion  is usually the first thing I do as soon as I wake up to thank God for adding me to His wake up list and to cover myself in prayer before I start the day.

I find that when I start my day like that, no matter how my day goes, or the challenges I may face, I get strength to go through them.

I would encourage you to start your day with a quiet time and I promise you, it will change your life.

I hope you find this post helpful.

Stay blessed!

Dee xxx

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