Questions I dread….

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Is It just me or there are some people who think they have a right to tell you how you should live your life or they think they know what is best for you?

I get asked a lot of ridiculous questions almost on a daily basis and I dread most of them if not all.

Here are some of them:

  • When are you getting married?

When God says it’s time

  • Why do you run?

To stay sane because punching people in the face is frowned upon

  • Are you from Cameroon, Congo, Nigeria?

None of the above (I hate it when people to try to guess my nationality instead of just asking me where I am from)

  • Them: Are you going out with your hair like that? (I have natural hair, some people don’t like it lol)

Me: Yes, my head, my hair, my choice, my business

  • Them: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Me: I do not make long term plans besides my plans are in God’s hands

  • Them: Do you still want to have children at your age?

Me: Why not? I will gladly receive if the Lord blesses me. Nothing is impossible with God.

  • Them: Why did you decide to just have one child?

Me: I did not decide, I am not married, so I wasn’t going to have children for the sake of having

  • Are you dating?

What is you own? (Nigerian accent)

  • Have you bought any land in Zambia? (From Zambians)

I will buy one as soon as you transfer the money in my account

  • Do you have any plans of going back to Zambia for good?

I am Zambian, what do you think?

  • Why aren’t you married yet?

I am waiting on you to bring me a husband

Of course my mama raised me to be polite, some of the answers are actually what I would want to answer out loud but i just answer them in my head with a smile on my face.

What are some of the ridiculous questions people ask you?

Kindly share 🙂

Dee xxx


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