My Happy Place

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Hey Lovely people!

Its very important to  have a place where you can just unwind, take a load of and just relax.

Sometimes, it can be a place where you can enjoy your alone-time or a place where you have fun with friends or family.

I have a few of such places and here they are:

My house: The first place I call my happy place is my house. It’s not a big place in fact its a flat but its cosy and I love it. I have a nice comfy couch where I just cosy up with a book or binge on Netflix series.

I just sitting at this table and look out the window while having a reflective moment

The Park: The park is another of my happy places. I do my long walks, run, sun-bask or have a pick-nick in the summer.

Woluwe Park, Brussels, Belgium

The park also has this spot right here! Every time i go to the park, i stop and sit here for a moment and reflect or sing. I just love it! I wish I could have this at my dream house in my back yard. 

Zambia: Zambia is definitely my favourite happy place not only because its my country of origin but because my son and the rest of my family is there. I try to go as often as i can but its quite expensive and i try to alternate with my son to come visit me in Belgium every other year, so i don’t go to Zambia every year. I just love spending time with my extended family and enjoy the Zambian delicacies.

My son & I
Me & my Nephew, Christopher JR

Me & Aunty Beatrice ❤️

Me & my niece, Ruth

Fanta Orange, my fav drink when I am Zambia 😊
Chilling and having a meal at my baby sister’s place
My Aunt Saraphina with my nieces, Ruth and Naomi

Church: I am not ashamed to say that I am a born again Christian and attending church and being among other Christians is very much part of my life. I am also a worship leader at my church and i love ministering and making a joyful noise to the Lord through music.



Home Group/Bible Study: This is like a continuation of Sunday service but in a small intimate group where we study the bible together and can ask questions and grow together as believers. I have also built great friendships through the home group and i look forward to Wednesday nights when we meet.

Friends: I have met great friends who have become family to me and being around genuine and good friends is one of my happy places.


 I hope you enjoyed reading about my post. What are your happy places?


Stay blessed!

Doreen xxx


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