Lessons I’ve learnt over the years

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As you grow older, you start realising that a lot of things you wasted your time on doesn’t matter anymore and you start focusing your energy and focusing on things that add value to your life and what makes you happy. 

Over the years, I have learnt a few valuable lessons and I decided to share a few with you guys and here they are:

  • Life is too short: If there is something Covid-19 has taught me, is to count every day as a blessing especially after having a close encounter with it and experiencing it and knowing how many people have died and continue to die daily.  Never take anything or anyone for granted. Appreciate the great people in your life and cease every opportunity that comes your way and use you time wisely.
  • Know your place in people’s lives: I learnt the hard way about this one when I assumed a place in someone’s life. I realised I wasn’t as important to them as they were to me,  since then, I don’t force friendships or relationships.
  • Do not chase after people: No matter how much you love someone, if they don’t love you back, leave them alone, don’t chase after them. The right people will stay no matter how hard things get.
  • Never let anyone intimidate or bully you just because you love them. I was bullied and intimidated by someone I really admired and had a lot of respect for. The person would say a lot of hurtful and painful things to me but I never answered back because I was taught never to answer back when someone older than you talks to you. I just decided to remove myself from the person’s life. It got to the point where the person controlled everything I did, even the way  sat.
  • It’s not about the quantity but the quality of friends you have: Its better to have two or three genuine friends than have a bunch of fake friends.
  • Making myself a priority is not selfish: You can only take care of others when you take care of yourself first. They say, ‘You can’t pour from an empty cup’, so make yourself a priority.
  • How people treat you says a lot about them: Most of time if not all the time, people who are mean to others aren’t happy with themselves, so they have to take it out on others. Some people thrive on bringing others down. I am all about lifting others up, so when i feel like someone is trying to deem my light, I am out of there.
  • Walk away from narcissistic and toxic people: No matter how much you love someone, if every time you are around them, they make you feel bad about yourself or belittle you, leave sis!  Your peace of mind is very important. Be around people who appreciate and lifts you up.
  • Rejection is redirection: Rejection hurts and it makes you question yourself and wonder why the person rejected you, what you could have down to avoid the rejection, if maybe something is wrong with you etc but the fact is God is redirecting you to something else, something better. Believe in God’s timing. Just let go even if it hurts.
  • Me time is very important: For a long, I didn’t know how to spend time alone, I always wanted to be around people and doing things for others to be liked and it drained me, so I had to learn to say ‘No’ when I need some alone time without feeling guilty about it. Now I enjoy my own company so much, I hardly go out.
  • Appreciate people who notice your absence: Once in a while I take a sabbatical off of social media to just reflect on things going on in my life and there are some friends on facebook who would inbox me to see if i am okay because I’ve been inactive, sometimes It’s even people I’ve not met in person. I also have friends who check up on me when I am too quiet. I am one person when I am going through something, i shut the world out and friends who know me would look for me to check up on me and I am so grateful for such people in my life.
  • Not everyone is your friend: Have you noticed that there are some friends on your FB list that have never liked your posts, commented or even wished you a happy birthday but they are there. Some are even your close friends who never support you in anything you do. These people are just there to monitor what you are doing and go and  gossip with others. They are what one of friends call ‘monitoring spirits and I call them surveillance cameras, they just check on what you are doing and go and report to the ‘headquarters’ lol.
  • You can’t please everyone: There’s always people who will say terrible things about you or find fault in you and no matter what you do, its never enough, so just live your life and don’t worry about what others think of you or say about you.

What are some of the lessons life has taught you? Kindly share in the comments. 

Stay blessed and stay safe!



  1. Love this!!! Such great points!! Some of these things I have discovered for myself, and some I am going to think a little more about after reading this. I am definitely a work in process!!

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  2. What wonderful reflections. I found myself nodding to a lot of what you wrote. I realized recently that I have been severely undervaluing my time, haha. So, I’m working on how to adjust that for me.

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  3. Such an important post. I have also learned that putting too much weight on what other people think can be dangerous to your self worth. Thanks for these reminders. We need to keep them front of mind!

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  4. I absolutely LOVE this post. What an insightful list of lessons. I think my favorite one you mentioned is ‘rejection is redirection.’ Thank you for sharing.

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  5. I absolutely LOVE this post. What an insightful list of lessons. I think my favorite one you mentioned is ‘rejection is redirection.’ Thank you for sharing.

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  6. I absolutely LOVE this post. What an insightful list of lessons. I think my favorite one you mentioned is ‘rejection is redirection.’ Thank you for sharing.

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  7. During this pandemic this is such a vital way to get through things! Life can be so hard you need a tribe that is positive not fueling negativity!

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