I can’t just get it right

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Have you ever showed up at a party wrongly dressed? Have you ever showed up in jeans when the party was a black tie or in a ball gown to an African event? I have!

A friend hosted a birthday party for her little girl and she specifically said that the theme of the party was a PRINCESS theme which was of course chosen by the princess herself. Everyone was asked to wear princess costumes, so I started looking for costumes on Amazon and I found just want I wanted.

October 5, 2019 came and I couldn’t wait to show off show off my Little Red Riding Hood costume.  This is first time I ever wore a costume to a party because I am not a fun of costume parties. I deliberately avoid costume parties for that reason but since this was a child’s party, I thought I would an effort to impress her. I got to the party and when I walked in, but to my suprise,  I was the only one wearing the costume, all the adults where in anything but costumes.

The five of us who followed the rules 😉

The only other people dressed up was the birthday girl and her friends. Of course I stood out and I got a few nicknames like Little Robin Hood, Little Riding Horse, lol. Yeah! I know, no chill with Zambian.

This is not the first, second or third time I’ve showed up in a wrong outfit, It has happened a few times. Guess what? It’s always been when I was going to a party with the mother to the birthday girl and her mum lol. Once I showed up in jeans to go to a BBQ and I didn’t get the memo that everyone was dressing up, then another time I showed up in cocktail dress to an African event. Something funny about this right? I know , I am investigating lol.

I had loads of fun though because everyone loved my outfit and I did too. I promised everyone though that that was the last time I am wearing a costume to any party.

Zambians are very good at breaking rules lol
See the rebels? lol
Feeling like a princess lol

I think i rocked the outfit don’t you think?

No basket? No problem! Improvising is what Zambians are known for lol

I hope you enjoy reading this post.

Stay blessed!

Dee xxx


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