Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

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Mother’s Day is always hard for me because it’s the day I miss my mum most. My mum went to be with the Lord at the age of 46, 19 years ago but memories of her are so fresh.

I don’t remember my mum telling me or my siblings that she loved us (Which is not unusual in Zambia, at least the time I was growing up) but she sure showed us how love looks like in the things she did for us. I’ve never met any woman who loved her children like my mum did. She would take a bullet for her children any day. We would annoy her and she would scold us or even spank us but she would come and do something to show that she still loved us even after a spanking. She taught me what unconditional love was and when I had my son, I understood it even better.

When we were sick, I remember mum doing rounds checking up on all of us and waking us up to take medication even in the middle of the night. She made sure we were all okay then she would go back to sleep. Even if we weren’t sick, she would still check up on us, at least once during the night and she would check up on us first thing in the morning.

I am able to read and write because my mum taught me. Every evening, she would sit down with me and made sure that I read the story we would read at school the following day, to make sure I knew the meaning of the difficult words, the spelling, the meaning and the pronunciation and when I went to school the following day, the story would be a walk over for me. I was among the top in English in class.

My mum didn’t spare the rod when we misbehaved though and her favourite ‘whip’ was the wooden spoon, so we had a few broken ones in the house. I am whom I am today because of the discipline I got as a child. It may have seemed hush at the time but I am glad I went through it, it taught me a lot of lessons.

Today I celebrate the life of my mother, Mrs. Fridah Musowoya Chimbalanga, the woman who brought me into this world and taught me how to be a strong woman not only in words but in action too, the woman who taught me that family is everything, a woman who led me to my spiritual journey by watching her own faith in the Lord, her prayer life, taking us to Sunday school when we were little and making sure we had Sunday clothe and shoes ready for church.

I am really glad that my son made memories with her as her first grandchild. I had my son when I was only 20 years old and mum was a great help when my son cried throughout the night because of colic. My mum would take care him during night, he would sleep with my parents so that I could also get some sleep. They were inseparable from the time he was born. Sometimes I would wake up in morning and she would already bath him and they were gone to market.

My siblings’ babies would have loved their grandma because she was the best grandma ever!

Mum, it’s been almost 20 years but memories of you are so fresh. I talk about you with siblings whenever I go home. I try to keep the family together even from far which is not always easy but we are trying. Things aren’t easy but we are trying our best, you would be proud us.

Continue to rest in eternal peace and embrace Manga and dad for us, we miss them dearly too.

Your children, Doreen, Henry, Zita, Nico, Precious, Rita & Misheck.

Your grandchildren, Kapambwe, Lucy, Natasha, Doreen, Demus, Gracious, Jeremiah, Micah, Ezra & Joshua

Son-in-laws, Lawrence, Ed & Daniel

Daughter-in-laws, Pamela, Esther, Josephine & Salome.

Continue to rest in the arms of our Lord.

We miss you!

DD xxx

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