Zambia 2019 in Pictures

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Hey Everyone,

Its very quiet around here reason being I had the privilege of travelling to Zambia again this year. I had some paperwork i needed to get done and it could only be done in Zambia plus my son and the rest of the family are in Zambia, so i was there from March 30 to April 29, 2019.

It seems long but it really wasn’t because i had a lot to do and many people to see. I could stay in Zambia for two months, it will still not be enough because there are so many family members i would love to visit that i don’t get to see.

The visit was short but i thank the Lord that i was able to go and see my family.

Here are some of the photos i too while there. Hope you enjoy!

The food


Family time

Friends who become family


Some serious business – I attended the diaspora policy launch hosted by Zambian’s Vice-President, Mrs. Inonge Mutukwa Wina.

More Serious Business – Meeting with Ms. M.M. Lemba & Zambian High Commissioner to London, H.E. Muyeba S. Chikonde at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs offices

Zambian High Commissioner to London, H.E. Muyeba S. Chikonde

I hope you enjoyed the photos :-).

Stay blessed!

DD xxx

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