The best Feeling ever

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What is the best feeling in the world have you ever experienced?

Here are a few of mine:

  • The feeling of being in love
  • The feeling of peace that only comes from God
  • The feeling of holding your new born baby in your arms for the first time
  • The feeling of unconditional love from your baby as it looks up at you, holding you to your pinky finger as it breastfeeds

Photo Credit: DD

  • The feeling i get when someone scratches my head
  • The feeling after a run or a great workout – I don’t know about you but I feel unstoppable after a run or a workout
  • Getting a foot massage
  • The feeling after a good night sleep – When I’ve had a good night sleep, I feel like i can face whatever challenges that i may have to face that day
  • Helping someone in need
  • Being warm and cosy on a cold day on a couch with a cup of tea binging on Netflix
  • Receiving a text from someone you you love telling you they miss you
  • Kisses on the forehead – Oh, I love those! They feel so great! It’s like a millions ways of saying i love you without even saying it. I just love them.

Photo Credit: LifeFactsQuotes

  • Tight hugs that last longer than a minute

Photo Credit: Canva

  • Doing something nice for someone
  • Receiving and unwrapping a gift
  • Being loved back by the person you love
  • Cuddling up with someone
  • The feeling of taking off your bra at the end of the day
  •  Sleeping in and laying in bed on a Saturday morning doing nothing but chill
  • Hot showers
  • Waking up in the middle of the night and realising you still have a few more hours to sleep
  •  Being surrounded by family
  • The feeling after giving myself a full pedicure
  • The feeling of knowing you are loved and appreciated

Photo Credit: Unknown

  • Taking your heels off after a party
  • Receiving handwritten letters
  • The feeling after accomplishing something you never thought you would achieve
  • When someone tells you you smell nice
  • Long phone conversations with that special someone who makes you laugh until your tummy hurts
  • The feeling you get after paying off a debt
  • PJ days – staying in pjs all day and doing absolutely nothing
  • The feeling you get on a Friday afternoon (5pm to be precise :-))
  • The feeling i get when i land in Zambia to see my family


Kindly share what you consider the best feelings in world 🙂

Stay blessed,

DD xxx


  1. As a new mom, I agree with my baby looking up at me with a smile on his face. It is a feeling like nothing else to be his mom.


  2. The best feeling ever, is different for different people. I believe that if your best feelings come from your inner-self, then that’s great! Because you then don’t rely 100% on others to make you happy. It’s sad to see when someone feels rejected because of other people.


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