Steps I am taking to lose Weight

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I was home in April 2018 and it was the season for all the goodies I had missed the four years I didn’t go home. I went crazy, I ate everything and anything and now I am paying for it. It’s almost a year and I still have the extra kilos and an upper stomach that I’ve never had before and I fighting with it for it to disappear. So, what I am doing about it?

Exercise – I am exercising at least 4-5 times a week with 30 minute workout videos. I am doing Insanity Max 30 by Shaun T, Fitness Instructor. It’s intense but I am loving it because you sweat buckets and when you are done working out, you feel like you can conquer the world on your own

Portion Control – To help me with my portion control, I stopped using big plates where I piled the plate with food, I’ve started using small plates to trick myself in thinking I am eating a lot. I also carry packed lunch to work to avoid buying junk food and I use small lunch boxes to stick to my portions.

No carbs in the evening – I make sure I have a good lunch so that I eat light in the evening. I’ve stopped eating carbs in the evening especially white carbs (white rice, potatoes, pup etc) but eat protein which would be a piece of chicken, meat or fish with vegetables

Green tea – I am a tea person. I can drink up to 5 large cups of tea per day especially when it’s very cold because I find it hard to drink water when its cold. I have switched from black tea with milk to green tea which increases fat burning and boosts metabolism rate. 

Drinking  a lot of water – Water is a natural detox which gets rid of all and also keeps your body hydrated.

Drinking Lemon water –  I drink hot lemon water first thing in the morning and last thing before I go to bed. It helps with digestion and bow movement.

Taking stairs instead of escalators/elevators – I love that at work we don’t have lifts between floors and when I was on the fourth floor, I used to go up and down a few times to get some extra cardio in and stairs are also good for toning up the derrière. I also take stairs in place of escalators in metro stations and also do squats when waiting for water to boil and every time I go to the loo, I do 10 squats or carf raises at the traffic lights as I wait for them to change or while waiting for the bus. Every little helps.

Snacking on healthy snacks (on nuts, yoghurt and fruits) – I always stock up on nuts and both fresh and dry fruit both at home and in my office.

Avoiding sugar – I won’t deny it, I have a sweet tooth, I love cakes, chocolate, ice cream and ice cream is one of my weaknesses but I am trying my best not to over do it but eat them as a treat once in a while. I have stopped taking sugar in my tea though, I replaced it with honey.

Avoiding eating dinner late – I try to eat as soon as I get home which is normally 6pm. I take a shower as soon as I get home, then look for something to eat for dinner, so by 7:30pm, I would have already eaten and by the time I am going to bed, the food has digested.

There you have it! Every little helps!

I hope you found this post helpful.

DD xx


  1. This post was very motivational for myself as I am going on vacation next month and have been working on my bikini body. These are wonderful ways to loose weight! I have also started putting a circled H on my calendar for days that I ate nothing but healthy food. It is very motivational, makes me want to keep on getting them 🙂 Good luck with your weight lost journey!!

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  2. I’m really going to work on not eating late too! I think it’s a good Idea that you try to eat as soon as you get home around 6pm! Thank you for sharing

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