My Christmas Wish List

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My Christmas Wish List is very short and I need everything on this list 😊. These are the few things on my list:

Running shoes – Running is a very important part of my life, my running shoes needs an up grade because I’ve only had one pair since 2015 🙊

A pair of boots – The other morning, I was about to put my black boots on when I noticed a tear in one the boots and it can’t be fixed, so I need a new paper.

Tripod stand – I am planning to start vlogging next year, so I definitely need a tripod stand for making videos

Laptop – I dropped my laptop and it broke, so I need a new one

Fuzzy pyjamas – My fuzzy Christmas pjs are worn out so I need to replace them

Christmas sweater/jumper – I’ve never had a Christmas sweater/jumper, this year I really want one.

Beauty case – I am studying beauty therapy and sometimes I give friends pedis and manis, so I really need a beauty case to transport my products and tools

A birthday calendar – I have trouble remembering everyone’s birthday in the family so I need a birthday calendar

A journal – I would love to keep a journal again because it’s always interesting to read what you wrote even a year before

A planner – I want to be more organised next year, therefore a planner is what I need to organise my life.

Him – I wouldn’t mind spending Christmas with that tall handsome guy who’s on my mind 😊

What’s on your Christmas Wish List? Kindly share.

DD xxx

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