Leg Go And Let God

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Let Go Let God

Are you in a relationship where you aren’t happy? Your partner treats you badly? Maybe he’s even cheated on you but you find excuses that all men cheat? You know the relationship is going nowhere but you still in it? You feel like you trying to hard and the other person doesn’t seem to care but you are still hoping things will change? You want to leave but you feel you are too old to start all over again because you are in your 30s or above and your biological clock is ticking ? You are a Christian but you are dating a non-Christian because he treats you better than a Christian brother treated you or you’ve lost hope of finding a genuine God-fearing man? You decide to settle for less than you deserve because you don’t think you will ever find someone better? Does any of this sound familiar? Well, I can relate to most if not all of the above situations.

I was in a relationship where I was happy, the guy treated me well, he was very good to me, he was very generous, respectful and he loved me very much and I loved him too. He could do anything for me the only problem was that I am a Christian and he isn’t. A few close friends told me to end the relationship because it wasn’t right in the eyes of God and that God would honour my prayers but I made excuses to justify why I was living with the guy, such as not having a job and owing my previous landlord rent money etc.I convinced myself that I would pray for him and God would change him. We even started going to church together and later on moved in with him(terrible mistake) because I was so sure I would only live with him for only a few months then he would propose. Two years later, I was still living with him and he didn’t even mention anything marriage related and whenever I brought up the topic, he would avoid it or find excuses.

I wasn’t at peace the whole time I lived with him because I knew that I was comprising my beliefs and deep down my heart I knew the relationship wouldn’t go far because we weren’t on the same page, we differed in a lot ways like, he didn’t want to get married or have children (which he lied about when we met), so after two years of living together and five years of dating, I decided to move out and eventually ended the relationship because I knew in my heart that God was not in it. It was the hardest decision I had to make but I knew I had to do it because no matter how much I loved him, I didn’t want to be in a relationship that didn’t put God in the center of it.

When I ended the relationship, I felt a weight lift off of my shoulders and I felt peace I can’t explain. I prayed for strength not to go back because it had happened a couple of times when he begged me to stay.

After the breakup, I focussed on serving God, made devotion & quiet time my priority every morning before starting the day, learned to trust and wait on Him and the benefits of doing that are just amazing. I’ve been praying for a God-fearing man who I could serve God with and God has honoured my prayers and I will soon testify of His goodness to me :-). So I encourage you to let go of anything that doesn’t bring you peace and believe me, God will come through for you in a major way. Holding on to certain things or people only blocks you from the blessings God has for you and a life He had purposed for you, so LET GO AND LET GOD!


Stay blessed!


Dee xxx



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