God is Faithful! Go With The Strength You Have Within You!

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Listening to a video of Pastor Michael Todd below, my son came to mind. When Kapambwe was little, he had cerebral malaria, he had to stay in ICU for days. We weren’t sure he would make it but the Lord spared his life. The illness slowed him down though, which made learning very difficult for him. After repeating the 9th grade several times (he needed a certificate to qualify to go to the 10th grade), I sat him down and asked him what he was really good at and loves doing. He told me a few things and cooking was among them. I encouraged him to go with cooking because I have seen how good he is at it, so we started looking for schools which wasn’t easy without a grade twelve certificate(high school-leaving certificate) but he told me his church offers courses for adults and cooking was among them. We enrolled for a Catering Course and he’s been there for almost a year and his teacher told me he’s doing great. He’s got an attachment for three months at a lodge (B&B), to practice what he’s learning and last weekend my sister sent me a photo of him catering at an event they were attending and she also told how great he was at his job! I couldn’t hold back tears.



I have seen God’s work in my son’s life and He’s not done with him yet, God is yet to prove how great He is. My son may not have a high school-leaving certificate or any other degrees, but I know and trust the Lord will do great and mighty things in his life. He will elevate him to high heights, God will make him the chef that he’s always dreamt to be.

If you’ve had challenges in your life that prevented you from achieving something you always dreamt of or for some reason you never got that degree you always wanted and you think that’s it, you can’t be anything great, or amount to anything,  be encouraged, go with the strength you have. Do what you know you are good at and do it well. If you get a chance to go back to school, go back, if you started something and left it half way thinking you are good enough, go back and finish it or find out what you are good at and work at it. You can do it! If God is for you, who can be against you? God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly more than we can ever ask or think, He’s got you, just believe in yourself and trust Him.

Listen to this video, it will encourage you to pursue your dreams.  You can get a full version of the video on YouTube.


Stay blessed,


Dee xxx

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