Never Say Never!

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I recently passed through the perfumery to treat myself to my favourite perfume. I bought a few things and just before paying, the cashier asked if I was interested in filling in a contact form and drop it in box to win a nicely wrapped goody bag displayed on the counter. I admired it for a second but quickly told the cashier, ‘No, its okay, I never win anything’, then she said, ‘On sais jamais, huh! (‘you never know’), so I said to myself, ‘What the heck, let me just do it for the fun of it’, so I filled the form, dropped it in the box. They would draw it at the end of the week. I left the shop and I completely forgot about it

Two days later, I had a missed call and it was from the beauty shop where I bought my perfume and beauty products two days earlier. The message was to inform me that I was the winner of the LANCOME goodies worth €289.  I listened to the message several times to make I wasn’t imagining what I was hearing because I’ve never won anything in my life.

 The following say after work, I went by the shop but preparing myself psychologically just in case I misunderstood the voice message on my phone. I quickly introduced myself and said I was the winner of the goody bag and the lady at the till was like ‘Ah yes! Sign here, handing me the same form I had filled in, asking me to sign it and write ‘Received’ to confirm I received the goodies. I signed it and the cashier handed me the bag and congratulated me. I was overjoyed! I won something after all! Wow! It was the greatest feeling ever!

The bag had a 50 mls of LA VIE EST BELLE perfume, a make-up Primer, Setting Spray, Facial wash, a mask and a moisturising cream for flawless skin. I had just started using Lancôme foundation which I absolutely love, so the beauty products came in handy. I love them all! And that Lavie est belle perfume, oh my! I love love love it! I even got a compliment from a total stranger on it being a lovely fragrance.


NEVER SAY NEVER! You never when your luck strikes :-). There’s always the first time for everything!

Stay blessed,

Dee xxx.

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