Nothing happens by chance, everything happens for reason

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I had a very interesting visit to the park today. I carried a book and a water bottle and the plan was to chill and read but that didn’t happen because a couple approached me and said they were asking random people to sit with them and share anything about themselves. I hesitated but thought to myself, this could be Interesting, so I joined them. I introduced myself and told them I was only joining to listen but then I heard about a lady called Betty, a senior who said she feeling alone and abandoned by her family, a gentleman called Bertin, who joined the group with his two year old son, who was struggling to forgive his brother for hurting him, a young lady called Noemi, who was struggling to balance between taking care of herself and taking care of others, I knew I had to share my experiences with them (without giving details) because all the three situations resonated with me. At the end of our little group session, Bertin said he felt a heavy weight lifted off his shoulders but didn’t say he would forgive his brother or not but I hope that’s the beginning. Noemi also said she would put herself first for the first time without feeling guilty because only then she can take care of others. She asked if she could give me a hug for encouraging her. Betty also thanked me for encouraging her to find activities that makes her happy that she can do by herself or join outdoor activities that seniors do so that she didn’t feel lonely all the time. I strongly believe that nothing happens by chance and I am glad I went to the park this afternoon….I was meant to meet these interesting people. Thought I’d share


Stay blessed,


Dee xx


  1. This is lovely! It’s so true, we always walk around thinking we have the heaviest burden on our shoulders… that’s until you sit down and talk to someone else and get to hear their story, that you realise your life isn’t all that bad after all. Thanks for sharing this babe 🙂 xx

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  2. This is beautiful. Sounds like you were all able to help each other get something off your chest and answer possible questions you already knew you had the answers too. I really like this story, so adorable. ❤️ Thank you for sharing. X

    Steph |

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