My 2018 Vaca in Zambia, in Pictures

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I had a privilege of going home last month after four years, yes that long! I couldn’t wait to see my son whom I last saw two years before my visit and the rest of my family I didn’t see for four long years.

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves on how much fun I had in the short time I was there:


My sister Rita and my brother-in-law, took me to their farm to show me how its done. Rita explaining to me what role she played and of course I picked the biggest cob I could see lol. I had not eaten these in ages! Don’t ask me how many I ate by the time I left. Let’s just say, my six-pack is now a one pack.

The food the food! Gosh I ate and ate and ate everything I had not eaten in ages and I paid for it with a ‘one pack’ that I came back with :-(.

My favourite fruit….Mango
I never leave Zambia without eating some T-Bone steak

A few photos with my girls. Unfortunately, the boys were all busy this day but we had fun on their behalf anyway.

Sister Love – My baby sister Rita, the youngest of the girls
My baby sisters, Rita & Precious
My sister Zita, who is rarely in photos…she pretends to be shy but she’s the comedian in the family and she has a gorgoeus smile lol


This has never happened before, this is the first time all of us sisters took a photo together, I enjoyed the moment! It was a blessing to spend time with these beautiful souls I call my sisters.


Guess who the oldest is? I am so thankful for my sisters! What a blessing they are to me!


My sister in love, Esther
Family is everything! I miss those faces!

I had fun taking photos with part of family on my birthday. It was a birthday gift from my baby sis, Rita and her hubby Daniel, the best photographer in Ndola! Unfortunately, the photos are yet to be edited, so will share the rest in an another post.

My baby girl, my niece Gracious
My mini-me, literally :-). Big Doreen & little Doreen(my niece named after me. 
My niece Natasha
I just love it when I bump into people I didn’t expect to see. Photo 1, was Alice Chisala, a great friend I met when she worked in Brussels. I bumped into her just outside her office in Lusaka and photo 4, is my former classmate, Wabei Musuku, whom I had not seen for over 20 years…met her on the streets of Lusaka as I was familiarizing myself with the place. Photo 2, was meeting the co-hosts of my favourite radio show, Radio Christian Voice, Zambia, Dario Ulendo Chongolo & Penelope Mhango and Photo 3, was meeting the former co-host of Radio Christian Voice, Choolwe Lawrence Mweemba…..Such beautiful humble people!


She’s not called Beauty by mistake because she lives up to her name, she is beautiful inside out. I can’t go to Zambia without stopping over at her place to catch up and enjoy a feast she always prepares for me. This selfless soul is the reason I live in Belgium. There was an opportunity for her to go and work in Belgium but she decided I needed it more because I was a single mom with no job and she already had one….how many friends can do that for you? Isn’t she a gem?


There you have it! This is how I spent my holiday in Zambia, my beautiful country.

Put visiting Zambia on your Bucket list, you need to at least see the Victoria Falls;-).

I hope you enjoyed the post!

Thanks for dropping by.

Dee xxx


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