I Am Back!

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Hey Everyone,

My apologies for the silence, I was away on vacation for almost a month. I was in Zambia, my home country enjoying the sunny warm weather, great food and of course quality time with family and friends.

I am back now and I missed all you lovely people! Thank you so much to those who continued to show my blog some love in my absence. I really appreciate it.

I have a lot to share with all you but for now it’s just an ‘ I am back’ announcement because I am still adjusting back to my normal routine.

I came back last Sunday but I feel like I am here physically but my mind is still in Zambia and it will take a few days for my mind to catch up with my body.

It’s great to be back though and I am looking forward to catching on reading your blog posts and sharing on my 2018 vacation in Zambia.

Stay blessed!


Dee xxx

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