Daily Prompt: Identical – Identical Twins

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I used to be a nanny to twin girls twenty years ago. A lot of people couldn’t tell them apart but I could from the time I met them. They were very identical but the shapes of their faces where different. The older one’s face was oval while the younger one’s face was square, so I had no problem knowing who was who. Now that they are older It’s the opposite, they look much more alike than before. I have to really look closely to know who is who lol.

I also have uncles who are also identical twins but I can never tell them apart, especially when they are not together. The only difference between them is the height, one is slightly shorter than the other, so if they are not together I have no way of knowing who is who. Every time, I met one of them, I would tell mum, ‘ I met one of them in town’ and she would be like, the twins? But you know the older one is short……I would quickly interrupt ‘saying, Yes I know but i just can’t tell them apart.

I always imagine how cool it would be to have a sister who looks exactly like me. I think it would be really great seeing myself in another person lol.

Are you an identical twin? Can people tell you apart?


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