10 Simple Ways To Pamper Yourself Without Spending Much

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This year, I made a resolution to better take care of myself because I forgot to do for a while, I was too busy taking care of others.

I came up with this list of a few things that you can do on a tight budget. Of course its not the same as someone doing it for you but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do because you don’t have to wait for someone else to do it for you, so here goes:

Pendicure and Manicure

When I started my Beauty Therapy Course two years ago, I invested in a Foot Spa to practice what I am learning and it has come in handy. I also get some foot scrubs and moisturises from Yves Rocher that aren’t too pricy and they last. When I feel like my feet need some TLC, I treat myself to a full pendicure that involves, nail filing, buffing, cuticle removal, foot scrub, foot spa, massage, moisturising and applying nail vanish. When I do a pedicure, I make sure I do a good manicure too! Its Doreen Day; so no rush.

I am not a fun of nail extensions but once in a while a friend who is studying nail styling asks me to model for her but I honestly prefer wearing my natural nails because they are lighter and easier to work with.


I love giving myself facials and I always do it on Saturdays after my hair wash. My skin type is combination skin, so in winter my cheeks are super dry. I am still searching for a perfect winter moisturiser and if you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Make yourself a nice meal

I love my Zambian food and I am glad I can still get the food I grew up eating in Belgium, though its expensive, so I rarely eat but once in a while, i treat myself to some oxtail, chicken, beef or boiled tilapia, some okra, kale, kapenta, pumpkin leaves etc. These are typical Zambia delicacies and I try to do this every Saturday whenever possible.

Buy yourself some flowers

For a long time, I thought buying myself flowers was weird, so I didn’t do it, then one day I just decided to do it and and feels great doing something like that for yourself.

Do a Hair Wash Day

Since I went natural, I became my own hairdstylist because I can’t really trust anyone else to give me a trim, wash it or style it the way I want after being traumatised by a few people who couldn’t handle my hair, so I looked up some Youtube videos and learnt a few tips on how to better take care of my hair.

I normally do a proper hair wash on Saturdays because I have more time to do all the treatments necessary, so this is really a treat to me and I just love the smell and texture of my freshly washed and moisturised hair. Its a perfect treat!

Get make-up done by a professional

Once in a while when I go shopping, I drop by Mac Cosmetics for  free make-up as I try on my purchase. They always try different shades and colours on you to make sure you get the right products for skin tone and skin type.

Order take away

On Friday evenings, there’s an evening Friday Market near my place where you can get all kinds of fresh produce plus food of your choice. There’s at least 10 food trucks, Chinese, Belgian, Indian, Moraccan, French pastries and cheeses etc. I pass there and pick up a few or order a pizza and  chill with a glass of some red.

Movie night

I do this on Saturday evenings after indulging in some good old Zambian food, then I would have some ice cream or a piece of cake from the Friday market (cheat day or cheat weekend lol), then find a nice movie or serie on Netflix.

Read a book

When weather permits, I love going to the park with a book. I take a blanket, a water bottle and some snacks then lay down under a tree and wonder away. In winter I try to  read indoors but it doesn’t always work out lol.

Take a nap

Taking a nap doesn’t happen naturally to me, I have to force it but once in a while it does happen especially on Sunday afternoon after church and after my lunch. It feels like a real treat when It happens without forcing it.

While you are taking care o f every one around you, don’t forget yourself.

Do you pamper yourself? How do you treat yourself?





  1. What a fun post for a Sunny Saturday! Those are some great ideas! My son brings home flowers once in awhile (he did last night, in fact!) which is really nice 🙂 And I love to go walk through our little downtown area and window shop with a nice coffee! Being out among the people and the fresh air does me such good!

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