Daily Prompt: Restart

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Response to Daily Prompt: Restart

Every morning when I wake up, I kneel besides my bed and thank the Lord for adding me on His wake up list. I thank Him because I know I didn’t deserve to wake up when other people didn’t make it through the night but He opened my eyes.

I thank Him for making it possible for me to see the light of the day whether its -10 degrees centigrade, raining or snowing, warm, sunny outside, I just thank Him.

I thank Him even on a Monday morning because some people left this world on Sunday evening and never got to see Monday.

The daily prompt word restart, reminded me that every new day is a chance for a fresh start, to right the wrongs or simply start a new day with a new perspective on things and life no matter what’s going on in your life.

I used to complain about Mondays all the time until a friend made a comment like, ‘some people wished they could see a Monday but didn’t get a chance, so since them, I am thankful for every single morning I open my eyes.

I hope this encourages you to re-evaluate your life and see where you need to re-do some thing and do it.

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