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When I moved to Belgium almost 20 years ago, my biggest worry was finding a church where I could congregate. Friends told me that the official languages in Belgium were Dutch and French and that I should prepare myself to worship in either language and that made me anxious because I had zero level of both languages. Least did I know that the Lord had already made a way.

I asked my host family where I could find an English-speaking church but I was told the only English speaking church they knew was a catholic church they attended. I started going to the catholic church with them but I didn’t feel at home, so I stopped going but continued praying about finding a baptist or any English-speaking  evangelical church.

I stayed home for six months without going to church and It was killing me. One day I went to fetch the mail from the mailbox and among the mail was an English directory because I lived in an area where were a lot for experts. Guess what I found under ‘churches’? International Baptist Church of Brussels! And the services where in English! How awesome was that!

It was on  top of  the list of English-speaking churches in Brussels but I leaned more towards IBC because that’s where I felt more at home after visiting other churches.

I called the church secretary right away to find out how I could get there as I wasn’t very familiar with the area. The secretary told me she would call me back after checking the church directory for people living in the same area and she did a few minutes later. She told me that there was an elder living two minutes away from where I was living and they were willing to give me a ride to and from church every Sunday until I figured out how to go on my own by public transport. Nagi and Susie Saidi, drove me to IBC  and back home for a few months until they had to return to Egypt, their country of origin. They were a lovely couple and a great example of a Christian family.

God is really an AWESOME God! Here I was, worried about finding a church and He already found one for me! Just amazing! He works in mysterious ways.

Truly, God never abandons His own, He promised to always be with us. He is our Immanuel, God with us!

Joshua 1:9 (NIV)
Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

I’ve been a member of IBC Brussels since 1998 and I love It!

If you are ever in Brussels, I would love to invite you to come and worship with us. You don’t have to be Baptist to come, just come as you are :-).

Be blessed,


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  1. Shalom,

    You forgot to mention the third official national language German.

    In Belgium there are many churches where there is presented a service in English. There are even communities which provide only English services.

    strange when staying such a long time in Belgium you had not find the many english magazines and English websites of Christian communities in Belgium. Hopefully you found by now the very useful and good magazine The Bulletin.

    The phrase ” God never abandons His own, He promised to always be with us. He is our Emmanuel, God with us!” worries me though. It gives the impression you follow the Trinitarian thought of the Catholic and several protestant churches. Most Belgian Baptists who worshipped the only One true God left the Baptist community at the end of the previous century because of the trinitarian Baptist Church unions taking over. From that phrase it looks like you are also confusing Jesus or the Immanuel with God. I sincerely hope one day you shall come to see that Jesus is the Way to God and that you shall to appreciate this sent one from God for what he really has done.


    1. I did not judge you but wanted to help you in your vision about God. I notice namely that you use Matthew 1:23, where it says …and they will call Immanuel “God with us” when he speaks about Jesus, though you seem to understand it is about God. Also in your reply you mention after the quote “….and God never abandons His own” like it is as if that Immanyel is God and it is him who would not abandon us. Jesus is the son of God, the sent one from God and the way to God, but not the way to himself when he would be the one you seem to think, him being God.


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