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Hey All,

I hope you had a great and productive week and looking forward to the weekend.

I just wanted to share a few more things you may not know about me and here goes:

Three things I never leave my house without

My cell phone

My purse

My keys

Three of my favourite deserts

Apple tart

Banana split

Strawberry cheese cake ice cream

Three things I am looking forward to this summer


My son’s visit, God willing

VBS (Vacation Bible School)

Three of my favourite drinks


Red wine

Mukoyo (Zambian traditional drink)

Three of my favourite sports




Three of my favourite food



Grilled fatty meat lol

Three of my favourite worship leaders

Don Moen

Chris Tomlin

Nicole C. Mullen

Three things I am passionate about



Working out

Three of my favourite flowers




Three of my favourite actors

Denzel Washington

Blair Underwood

Tom Hanks

Three of my favourite soaps

Days of our lives

Home and Away

The Young and the Restless

Three of my favourite series 



How to get away with murder

Three of my nicknames

Dee Dee

Dodo (don’t like it much)

Dee (D)

My three sisters




Three of my brothers (one is deceased, God rest his soul in peace)




Three of my hobbies



Writing (Newfound)

My older nieces




My baby nieces




Three of my nephews




Three top places I would love to visit


New York

Cape Town

Three stress ways I release stress


Long walks


Three things I can’t leave without

My God

My bible

My family

Three things I am insecure about

The gap on my dental formula

My stretch marks

The skin tags on my face



There you have it! Now you know a little more about me :-).

Stay blessed!






  1. Thank you for making the time to share with others about the things you like and don’t. It’s an easy way to get to meet you. I hope you can get to see your boy soon.

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  2. Awesome article !! I love running and that show The Greenleafs on Netflix , if that’s what you are talking about!! They need to make more episodes of that show OMG !! And you definitely should come visit New York , it’s a while different culture here !! ❀🀘🏾

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    1. Yes Greenleaf on Netflix, I am hooked. I finished Season 2 within days and Season 3 is only out in March. I will definitely visit NY as soon as I able ☺


  3. This was really nice πŸ™‚ I like the names in your family. I was originally drawn to your post because I noticed your name is Doreen; that’s my grandma’s name; not a common one that you hear all the time, either. And of course, the nickname Dee Dee is so cute.

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    1. Thanks! Jeeez! Lol. I actually named my doll Dodo when I was young and I called my mum ‘bana Dodo’ (mama Dodo), never called her mum for a very long time and when she asked me why I didn’t call her mum, I told her she was too young lol. I don’t know why I get irritated when people call me DoDo though lol

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  4. I am also new to writing, love How to Get Away with Murder, grilled fatty meat, and would LOVE to visit Capetown someday! It’s amazing how many little things we all have in common! So fun getting to know a bit more about you through this post!

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    1. Likewise! You could if you put your mind to it πŸ˜‰. Try running a kilometre one day, you’ll surprise yourself 😊. Never thought about it but now that you mentioned it, I will try to share some typical Zambian traditions 😊


  5. Well, it’s nice to meet you, Dee! Here is three things about me: I am a startup blogger. I am a mother of two. I enjoy finding new blogs to follow!

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    1. Hey Cheyla, thank you so much! Its great meeting you too!! You have a lovely family and your littles are adorable! What do your children’s intials, E & G stand for?


    1. Thank you so much for reading the post! I’ve met SO many wonderful people through blogging who have been so supportive, so its only fair that they know who this Dee (Doreen) is☺


  6. I wish I was passionate about running as much as you are. A banana split sounds really good right about now, I cannot remember the last time I had the opportunity to enjoy one.

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