Daily Prompt: Enrol – You are never too old to learn.

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I’ve always wanted to learn Italian and visiting Italy is on my Bucket List, so this  morning I remembered that there are Italian classes at the school where I took my Dutch and French classes. I might just enrol for the next semester to at least learn the basics lol.

If you there’s something or a skill you always wanted  learn when you were younger but never got around to doing it, why don’t you look around your communities or online for courses you can enrol for?

You are never too old to learn and it’s never to too late, just go for it!


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  1. I love that you are still learning. I am a teacher-and as a teacher I am always learning. I have visited Rome a few years ago-I loved it and would love to learn Italian. My husband bought Rosetta Stone, but we are yet to use it. I wish you the best of luck in learning Italian! I am impressed!

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  2. DD, I am with you on this one! Having no knowledge of French, we just decided that we are going to Paris for this summer. We are, therefore, now enrolled in French classes. It is a challenge, but, oh so fun!! ☺️ Xo Evelyn, PathofPresence 💗

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    1. Oh that’s wonderful! All the best! I think French is the best language on earth! lol. Its especially when you are in a class full of foreigners with different accents trying to speak French lol


  3. Totally agreeing with you Dee. One is never too old to start learning something new. In the end you would regret that you have not learned it. Just follow your instinct. You also learn much more than you wanted to learn.
    If anyone likes to learn Chinese have a look at our blog;) Because it is never too late start learning. Thanks for this post!

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