Daily Prompt: Tardy – A Tardy Friend

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Response to Daily Prompt: Tardy

Anyone else has that one friend who is ALWAYS late?

She tells you she’s on the way, she’ll be there in 10 minutes but shows up an hour or more late?

I do! Ever since I’ve known this friend, she’s never on time for anything. She can’t be rushed, even her walking is at a tardy pace lol.

She’s always late but never calls to let you know she’s running late.

When she shows up,Β  you just want to wring her neck but she’s your friend and you are a Christian, you just tell her off in a friendly but stern way hoping she’ll be early next time, but nah! She shows up late again with a smile on her 😀😀.

Read somewhere that when you pray for patience, God puts in a place or situation where you learn to be patient.

This is it right here! Patience Lord! Patience! ☺

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  1. You know, I think I might be the annoying friend! Yet that only applies to my personal life. My work persona doesn’t tolerate lateness and I get to work meetings on time 97 out of 100 times. I really need to work on this.

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    1. Lol. You need to work on it because its not fun waiting for someone to show up on time and they are always late. If you can do it for work, you can do it in your personal life too. Your friends are important too and it shows you respect them.


  2. Dee – I smiled as I was reading your post. I have a sister just like that. Over the years, I’ve come to appreciate her teaching me the lesson that people are who they choose to be (believe me, it is a life long lesson!). She’s my sis and when she says she’ll be there at 8, I know to show up at 9. When we have a function at 10, we tell her its at 8:30. I love her so much that I overlook the pace of her life b/c IT IS WHAT IT IS (insert cross-eyed emoji here). Seeing all conspire for you and your sacred friend (and all her wonderful lessons <3). Hugs, Evelyn

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    1. I thought it was an African thing lol. We do that all the time when we have parties or events…telling people an hour or two earlier on the invitation so that they are there on time. Its terrible! I know a lady who was always late for church but one day there was only one empty sit at the front of the church, so she had to walk all the way there, she never came late again lol


    1. I know and I tried to do that a couple of times but my conscious wouldn’t let me because I know how I feel when I have to wait for someone for hours!


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