A few of my favourite hairstyles and how I achieved them

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When I went natural, I learnt how to style my own hair because I don’t like having it done at salon and spending the whole day there then they mess you up.

So all the styles below were done by yours truly ‘Chez DD’ :-).

Two Strand Twist Out: I achieved this hairstyle by doing two strand twists with aloe vera gel. Kept them in overnight and unraveled them in the morning. I applied some coconut oil on the hair, separated the twists, blurred the parts with an Afro comb and pulled the hair into a puff et voila!
Cinnamon Bun Puff: Hairstyle achieved by stretching the hair African thread the day before. In the morning, I unravelled the plaits, applied my whipped Shea butter and combed through with a wide tooth comb. I then sectioned the hair in four sections and did loose three strand braids, then applied a hair band and pulled it up in to a puff. Voila!
Chunky Twist Out: This style was achieved by doing chunky two strand twists on previously stretched hair. I applied my whipped Shea butter, twisted it and kept the twists in overnight. I unraveled in the morning, blurred the parts and pulled the hair into a puff.
Bantu knot out: I did the bantu knots using Aunt Jackie’s Curl la la curling custard on each section as I knotted. I kept them in for a few days, unraveled them, applied my whipped She butter, blurred the parts and pulled the hair in a puff and voila!
Shaggy: I achieved this shaggy look by applying my whipped Shea butter on dump hair then rubbed it with the palm of my hands in circular movements. Yup! Easy peasy!
Chunky Twist Puff: Hairstyle achieved by applying a headband to put the hair in an afro puff and making chunky loose two strand twists, braided them together and tacked them in. I also applied a bit of aloe vera gel to lay the edges.

I am working on doing some video tutorials on how I achieve these hairstyles. You can also check out my Facebook natural hair page  or read about my natural hair journey and how I learnt to do my own hair.

I hope you like these styles and If you a natural girl, try them out and share your photos.

Leave me a note if you have any questions.

Thank you for stopping by.

Stay blessed!


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