My New Year’s Resolutions

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I’ve always written my New Year’s Resolutions each year but I hardly achieve any of them, I only look at the list again when January of the following year comes along, then I remember I had made resolutions.

This year, I am planning to do things differently, I am going to print out this list and put it up somewhere I can see it everyday as a reminder and to help me focus. I will be crossing them out one by one as I achieve them.

I am also planning to make a vision board for the biggest resolutions that I absolutely have to achieve, come what may!

So here are my 2018 Resolutions:

Tithing – I haven’t been consistent with my tithing and I know that when I am not, then my finances don’t make sense. I need to make it a priority no matter what

Set ‘Alone Time’ with God – My quiet time is very rushed, so I need to set a specific time enough to have a proper prayer and reflection time.

Read the entire bible within the year – Every year, I start reading the bible with the intention of reading through it but I never finish, this year I want to try my best to do that.

Making myself a priority – I’ve been putting others first for too long, now its time to make Doreen a priority and not giving so much of myself to people who will not do the same for me

Become my own best friend – Best friends are overrated, so will try being my own BFF for a while.

To get the citizenship process started – Since August 2017, I qualify to apply for Belgian nationality, so this year I need to get the process started as soon as possible.

Finish my Beauty Therapy course – This is my third year of doing the course. I’ve been very lazy but this year I need to focus and finish it. I’ve taken some days off in January to finish the remaining five assignments and write the exam.

Read more books – I always start reading books but never finish them. This year, I will try to read as many as I can and finish the ones I started.

To be more involved in church ministries – Haven’t been attending a home group in a while, so I need to join one and be part of other church ministries.

To eat healthy and hopefully lose at least 5 kgs – I’ve been yo-yoing at the same weight for ages, I need to up my game to get to my goal weight.

Manage my finances better – I don’t go on shopping sprees or anything but I just need discipline in saving.

Taking steps to owning a house – This will definitely be a dream come true when it happens.

Speaking my mind: I let me people speak to me rudely or make stupid comments and I pretend to be okay with it but then it eats me up inside, so this year, I will try to speak my mind.

Let go of forced friendships/relationships – I am letting go of anything and everything that feels forced or like I am trying too hard

Volunteer more for Serve The CityI will try to volunteer more to show kindness in practical ways to refugees and homeless people.

To be physically fit to run the May and October half marathons – Last year, I wasn’t so fit and I felt like I was going to die during the race. This time I need to train properly.

Grow my blog – I am very happy with the progress I’ve done so far but I need to promote and grow my page.

Do you make new year’s resolutions? What are your resolutions this year?

Stay blessed!



  1. By reading your resolutions it’s clear that you are very kind hearted person. Wish you got enough strength and time to achieve it. Well every year we made some resolutions, just try hard to fulfill them.

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