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Response to Daily Prompt:Viable

I contemplated on starting a blog for a very long time but I hesitated because I didn’t think it would be viable. I didn’t think I could write anything worth reading, anything that anyone would find interesting enough to read let alone inspiring.

My blog is only four months old and I am so proud of the progress I’ve made so far.  Despite not being a writer, I’ve written posts that people find inspiring and motivational. I’ve received a lot of positive feedback and encouragement. It’s just been amazing!

If there’s something you want to do but you are doubting yourself or worried about what people would think, just go for it! Just do it, you won’t lose anything by trying. Even if you fail, who cares? What if you succeed at it? Don’t let fear hold you back, look fear in the face and tell it, I can do this! This is what I am encouraging myself to do everyday.

There are days when I wanted to just give up and delete the blog but  a friend encouraged me to keep at it and I am glad because the response has been amazing! I even have about seventeen followers which to me is a big deal and I am over the moon.

I am also taking advantage of the Daily Prompts, they are really helping me to be more creative and keeping my brain active. They are great for beginners to blogging and I am grateful to the person who thought of the idea! It’s really a genius idea and I love it. Who knows? Maybe one day, Doreen can become a writer too :-).

I am so inspired and determined to make this blog the most viable one ever!

Watch this space! :-).

Stay blessed!

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