Daily Prompt: Allergic – Hay Fever

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Response to Daily Prompt: Allergic

I always wondered why I had a cold in spring, at least that’s what I thought it was. The weather is normally nice and not too cold, so I never understood that.

I later discovered that I am allergic to pollen, so I it’s not a cold I have but hay fever and it lasts the whole month of April.

I constantly have a runny nose, itchy throat and eyes…..not fun at all! It’s so bad that I have to take anti-histamines otherwise its unbearable. It’s even worse when I go to a house with cats that moult a lot in spring …my throat literally closes up and I feel like I am choking, so I avoid going near cats at all costs.

I am so relieved when the month of May comes along, then I can be my normal self again.

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