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As I reflect on one my new year’s resolution of being a better friend, I am also editing my friendship list because I’ve learnt that not everyone I call a friend has actually been a friend to me. I realise that there are some friendships that don’t add value to my life, therefore, decided to remove. I would rather have a handful of genuine friends than a hundred of fake ones.

Friends who become sisters

I am letting go friends:

  • On social media who send friendship requests and never interact but only lurk through my photos and posts without liking them, then stalk friends who interact. I am not sure what they look for……my life must be very interesting to some.
  • In real life who don’t have time for a chitchat but have time to vent and when they call I am lucky to even get a ‘how are you? They usually get right to venting then, bye, thanks for listening!
  • Who come in my life because they can get something from me with no intentions of giving back
  • who I go out of my way to for but are never there when I need them.
  • who just never show support in anything I do, be it in small projects or cheering me on my runs etc but want support from me. Some have never even liked a single social media post or even looked at this blog at all! Most of the support I’ve gotten on the blog and the Instagram blog page, is from people I don’t know through support groups.
  • who just want access to me…..friends who are only my friends when the conditions are good for them
  • I never hear from until they need a favour and Doreen is the only one who can bail them out.

I am keeping friends who:

  • know me better I than I know myself.
  •  are there before I call and are there when I need them
  • don’t judge me but support me in whatever circumstances and in everything I do.
  • go out of their way for me, in ways I can’t even explain.
  • make me laugh when all I want to do is cry
  • call and stay online for hours just to check up on a sister and make sure she’s okay
  • put their own problems aside and take time to find out what’s happening in DD’s life
  • made this blog happen by encouraging me to just go for it when I was doubting myself thinking it was a stupid idea and continue to encourage me to keep writing


Friends who become family





Choose friends that add value to your life and let go of the ones that don’t. You don’t need hundreds of friends, you only need a handful of genuine friends


Stay blessed




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