My Letter to God

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Dear Lord,

Lord I want to thank you for seeing me through the year 2017! When it came along, I didn’t know what lied ahead of me but you gave me that calm assurance that I would be okay no matter what.

The year came with lots of ups & downs and the downs exceeded the ups. I literally felt like I was gasping for air half the time but with you help, I made it.

I thank you for the good & the bad and the lessons learnt. I know they’ve made me stronger and hopefully wiser.

Thank Lord for being there when no one else was, for keeping me together when I was falling apart, for holding my hand when I was scared, for comforting me when I was lonely and for never abandoning me or forsaking me.

2018 is just a  day away and I know its coming with its own challenges but I am stepping in it with confidence knowing that you are the God of yesterday, today and forever…… you are already in the tomorrow. I thank you for a new year, a new beginning and a chance to make it right.

I know I can face tomorrow’s uncertain days because you live, all fear is gone because I know you hold the future and life is worth the living because you live.

May you be the lamp unto my feet and the light unto path even as I enter 2018, remove anything in my life that might cause me to stumble and make my paths straight.

Guide me and order my steps and may I constantly look to you  and seek you with all my heart.

I commit 2018 and whatever lies ahead, into your holy hands and may it be better than 2017! Take full control of every area of my life, watch over me, my family and friends now and forever more!






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