Things people may not know about me…

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Someone once told me that Its very hard to know who I am because I am not an open book. Just in case you agree with that, here is a list of things you may not know about me:


  • I am the oldest of eight siblings
  • My favourite board game Is scrabble
  • I speak English better than I speak my dialect….I know, very embarrassing :-/
  • Cadbury chocolate is my favourite chocolate, sorry Belgium friends
  • I have a phobia of snakes and chameleons
  • I am allergic to cats and dogs
  •  I eat fries with mayonnaise
  • I am a tea person, especially camomile and chai masala
  • I was best athlete of the year twice of the year in secondary School
  • I speak fluent French and some Dutch 🙂
  • My favourite colour is purple
  • I hate my Zambian name though I use it sometimes.
  • I have a niece named after me
  • I was born and grew up in Ndola, Zambia
  • I am passionate about running
  • I have a 24-year old son
  • I’ve been living in Belgium for 19 years
  • I have ran two half marathons
  • My favourite flowers are lilies, though red roses would be nice too;-)
  • I love travelling but haven’t done much of that yet.
  • I am very emotional but I don’t like people seeing me cry
  • When I was about 3yrs old, I got lost and spent a night in the bush and someone found me next morning.
  • I never leave my house without making my bed. No matter how messy my house is, my bed is always made
  • My dream job was to be a television news anchor
  • I love hanging out with friends, though sometimes I think I do most of the talking….I am learning to talk less and listen more.
  • I have 11 medals attained from my official runs
  • I am afraid of heights – Taking off and landing when I fly, is a nightmare for me
  • My ‘Me Time ‘ is either taking a 2 – 3 hour reflective walk or staying in my pjs and binging on Netflix series 🙂
  • I sing In the African Choir of my church
  • I give second second chances to people but when I am done, I am done
  • I am Zambian….some people think I am Kenya because most of my friends are Kenyan and almost all  my colleagues are Kenyans too.
  • I love knitting – (No I am not 80 years old, I love It because Its relaxing and I can make a few euros in the process).
  • I am very patient but my patience has an expiry date 🙂
  • I am an ambivert , though more an introvert than an extrovert :-).
  • I am passionate about natural hair…… I’ve been natural for 4 years and I am loving the journey.
  • I am not perfect but I consider myself a good friend and I go out of my way to help and be there for my friends but I don’t appreciate pretentious friends
  • My favourite food is Nshima (Zambia’s staple food made from maize flour and can eaten with beef, chicken, fish or veggies)
  • My favourite Belgian food is Frites Carbonade (fries with beef stew) and warm waffles with whip cream & vanilla ice cream😊

There you have it, now you know a little bit more about me ;-).

Nshima with chicken gizards, kale, & beans
 Anti-pilling Acrylic red scarf knitted by yours truly
African Choir of International Baptist Church of Brussels


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