That Lamp Called Hope

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“Dear Human,
When sorrow builds a house
inside your mind
don’t let it shake you
beyond what you can bear
Sit somewhere and find out
what the house is made of
get to know where the furniture
came from,
find out why the windows are so fiercely open


Read something uplifting
that empathizes but doesn’t
end in heartbreak
listen to that uplifting music
make love to the art
of patience and at night
leave a glowing lamp

Just know
the lamp is named hope
because when
the house inside you
sits tightly
Hope is ready with dynamics
To break it down


Break it down
to smithereens and
use the dust to build up
another stronger house
for you to get back up again

All you got to do is
You need only to keep it switched on”.

Depression is a disease that has been constantly swept under the carpet in…

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